Galaxy Note 9 review 2019

galaxy note 9 Smartphone review 2019

I was going on for fisherman manager will I got another video for use some guy's asked them going to give it to you. This video is also my galaxy note nine we're going to jump right in so I'm going to answer a few questions that are getting on all of the videos when our pulls the galaxy note nine videos.

What are their wallpaper jake and you give me a link to the wallpaper so here is the wall player is called earth to the right them as sent and his feet in these?

Then something store so if you don't have the same on the phone you don't have the google is the wall. They grow online someone like that but if you have a so don't form is called earth to does it right there right.

Don't start right there because so many people ask what is the wall people world wallpaper do you have what is it came to link me to it, and I've been trying to reply it's all those comments as much as I can. But they are pretty is folks the wallpaper is in the same something a store and is called earth to that is the wallpaper that I'm using now another thing in his Sobule been asking with a compact to I have what I compact I'll have and the same on. We have for the unlocked versions of the galaxy note nine so if you have a fact to unlock version, not these was that our cherry is not in an looked at the center not now for any need any came from an as you don't qualify five too. if you need to watch more videos using this mobile then you need to install tubemate android app to this phone.


What are the top features of galaxy note 9?

When the android data from the entire from same on you have to have an unlocked factory locked from sandstone version and then is what I have this is the cloud cell version now I said that to say this the eye compact this is the way the same sense because we're going to book hole in the phone.

If you have enjoyed pine knows that we have this is how is going to be free. He whatever I don't know. But this is what they look like right now sling like but is the factory icons the formed the message to the camera. This is what they look like so a lot of the things I have on here are not factor waxed, so I'm not running in the kind of special launcher or a theme or anything. This is just how they look period yeah so the icons of here from Samsung enjoyed pile same on experience. One Newark that is what the compact his I'm not running a special launch it.

It's just the fans song and now another question I get his will cases that and so this case is the box in a tree case yeah this is a box imagery case. And I got this thing for forty books of Allah to pay for it best by, but this is the symmetry case this is the case had out choose to keep it in the right now. galaxy note 9 have amazing music quality so you can listen online music using Pandora app. to get install Pandora one apk file follow the linked website.

as we as you can install whatsapp app to this note 9 smartphone easily and you can get gb Whatsapp download latest files here. install gb Whatsapp and get the latest option there..


Skilns and new upgrades.

Now until out, so I want to move smiles. Because I liked the color plus i have a new skin coming in, and I wanted to show the clearness I want to show the skin pretty much in the case, and so this is the outer bark symmetries then rogue it's our cases excellent case going to ask the protection too.

Phone and that's what it is another thing. And I have the cloud Syvret imaged before this is the cloud silver galaxy milk nine which is the factory and Iraq when you can get this ad best by belief. But I had to work from sam zones, so that's where I got this from this is the factory unlocked clouds silver galaxy. No this is what it is on the back some people ask me why isn't or shiny well I have a clear met skin.


What are the things you need to know before buying?

Then I got from slip wraps. And this was a clear mat can from flip graphs I didn't want the shining is that have the phone I liked it but I want to flatten and tone down a little bit so they would because this is a flat met is called the make it can help his from slick groups.

The little links me description fold for anything it could be anything down is so look at the description of the videos that are pulsed, so this is a met. This can make it skin from Flickr apps now let's get into the actual why this is how we have a set up seventy pages I turned off big so if you long press this won't call off.

You can see the prominent speakers off. But I can still use the double click of the and over here to turn it on what I'd like to have a like they have all these pages all over the place. And this is how I have my set up now this is my shopping folder this labeled this shot at you know, and so you can see within in here we got a year best Walgreens quiz no.

You will get my Serbs my turkey subs that eBay am as aren't being each best by Samsung shop t mobile two days and I put the movie theater one of the next sides then I'm a party movie global whatever so back stuff that the movie theater so I'll shop I'll able to shock now.


I was the social media this is just social media some of you

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